New Legislation Looms for California's Medical Cannabis Patients

Use cannabis, give up driving? Thats the essence of some new legislation in the California Assembly. AB 2740 (Low) makes it an offense for anyone to operate a motor vehicle with 5ng/ml or more of THC in their blood. That's Nanograms , (one billionth of a gram equals a nanogram)! This is not based, according to the ASA (Americans for Safe Access) on anything like science. "There's no reason to believe", they continue, "that drivers with this arbitrarily low limit of THC are impaired in any way". Legal medical cannabis patients who use medicine on a regular basis will always have 5ng/ml in their blood." If not more…

Here's a link to the text of the legislation.

Another gem, SB 987, was introduced by California Senator Mike McGuire, and would add a 15% excise tax on medical pot, in addition to the ordinary state sales tax, and any local tax patients are already ponying up for. ASA posts a link to a petition which will be sent to lawmakers asking them to reject SB 987. You can add your name here.