In-Store SALE: Most of our $35 eighths are $25!


We're continuing our IN-STORE SALE on EIGHTHS...! 

Drop by the BASA storefront at 1326 Grove (at Divisadero) and choose from several organically-grown medical flowers, which are normally priced at $35/eighth, for just $25/eighth.

EIGHTHS available in this sale: Qleaner, Blackberry Soda,  9 Pound Hammer, BASA Sour Diesel,  Alien OGBlueberry TrainwreckAfghani,  and Lemon Drop.

Ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders which strain is right for your condition. 

If you are within San Francisco city limits, we have similar deals on eighths available for delivery. Go here:


"Only individuals with legally recognized Medical Cannabis Identification Cards or a verifiable, written recommendation from a physician for medical cannabis may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis dispensaries."