Interview with Mary's medicinals


Following the legalization of cannabis in 2012 in Colorado, Nicole Smith and Lynn Honderd founded Mary’s Medicinals with the goal of extracting the natural medicinal benefits of cannabis for patients that were seeking relief from pain and other ailments, but did not want to smoke joints or eat medicated brownies.

They saw an opportunity to enter the nascent cannabis marketplace with a completely different approach than the companies hawking irresponsibly large and inaccurate doses of cannabis, marketed with flames and naked women.

Nicole and Lynn sold Mary’s Medicinals’ first products to a local Denver dispensary in late 2013.  For the first months of the company, the two of them managed all aspects of the organization – production, sales, regulatory compliance, deliveries, marketing, social media and even testing.

In early 2014, they hired their first employee. As of late-2015, they employ nearly 40 full time staff and operate a new 11,000 square foot headquarters in Denver. Their products are available at more than a thousand recreational and medical access points in six states, with more states launching shortly. We asked them a number of questions which we thought you might be interested in.

What can patients expect from your product?

All of Mary's products are designed to offer relief, not to get people "high" - as such, more than 80% of our products are considered "non-psychotropic." Users generally start to feel the effects within the first twenty minutes.  Smoking results in a sudden “high” that wears off quickly, while Mary’s Patch is designed to deliver a slow and consistent long-term medicinal dosage. Based on body composition, metabolism, cannabis use and level of pain, the patch generally lasts approximately 8-12 hours.

Our transdermal products are delivered directly to the bloodstream, avoiding first-pass metabolism by the liver and breakdown by stomach acids. This gives an effective dosing of up to 10 fold over anything else on the market.

When did you start working with BASA? 

We started working with BASA in June, and we were very excited to form this relationship!

How is the market changing in your opinion?

The market is quickly evolving in two directions – "Recreational/Adult Use" consumers are increasingly focused on THC products – and in legalized states such as CO and WA, we are seeing more acceptance of cannabis as an alternative to drinking booze. Many manufacturers on the "rec" side are exploring both high- and low- dose THC options so that users can customize their experience. There is definitely an increase in demand for smokeless options on both the Medical and Recreational sides. Simultaneously there is quickly growing demand for non-THC options on the medical side  CBD, CBN, CBC, THCa, etc. Patients are demanding products that are reliable, tested and produced to pharmaceutical standards. Most of the time, these patients (which are increasingly seniors, middle aged professionals and even disabled children) want products are non-psychoactive and won't impair them for the rest of their day. The days of smoking a joint to control your glaucoma are over.